April is the Coolest Month!


Belated Happy Birthday!


Luck or Skill?

Many of you out there have played dominoes; we had the pleasure of visiting with friends at the Clary Lake Bed and Breakfast yesterday. The owners are very experienced dominoes players and generally dominate the game. But last night was very special!
You guessed it! After years of piling up the points, I finally had a lucky night. Slept like a baby afterwards.

Serendipity on the Mountain


Elderly dog climbs mountain, then rests while I take pictures of hawks (at least that’s what I think they were); here is my best shot with my little point-and-shoot. Yes, Virginia, I know that wasn’t the best choice if I wanted to get an award winning shot.


I actually managed to get four birds with one shot; nice clouds. It was a beautiful day up there (and the first decent opportunity to climb the mountain since the ground dried up from all the rain we had, only a fond memory now).


Spring Is Back!

Just when you thought you would have to wear boots, hats and scarves forever, a funny thing happened . . .
Photograph by She Who Shall Remain Unnamed
We were pleasantly surprised by a few visitors this morning just before departing for a cup of tea and some Belgian waffles; one of the benefits of living at the edge of the wood. Very reassuring in the light of recent events; nice to be in an eddy of calm in our turbulent times. Looking forward to the imminent return of my prodigal parents and another one of those family gatherings (in Massachusetts of all places).

Thanks to my Likers and Followers!

One of the nice things about blogging is that you get to hear from so many interesting people. I just wanted to thank you all for liking my posts and for following my blog. I try to have a look at all your blogs (which can be quite a challenge some days), but I still work for a living, so often I run out of gas and hit the hay before I can get to all of them.

Today I would just like to single out Every Meal Matters which captures the delight of eating and enjoying food in a way that really resonates for me. I love food, too, and I really enjoy reading about how other people relate to it. Thanks for giving me that opportunity!

A Rational Voice About Taxes

Today I found a breath of fresh air talking about a subject near and dear to my heart: taxes. Most of us don’t like taxes, of course, but this article helps us to understand what has changed in our recent history and even what we could do to start making taxes more fair.

Here is a brief excerpt from the article in today’s New York Times by James Livingston:

For most of the 1950s, corporate income at large companies was taxed at 52 percent, according to the nonpartisan Tax Policy Center. The federal government, meanwhile, collected about a third of its revenues from this source. Today, thanks largely to the “reforms” ushered in by President Ronald Reagan, the ostensible tax rate on corporate income is no higher than 35 percent — and the corporate-tax share of federal revenue has fallen to about 9 percent.

I highly encourage you to read it. Considering the political climate in Washington these days, I am sure it would be no cake walk to introduce (never mind pass) legislation to do what Livingston suggests, but the fact that there are so many incentives for corporations to short the American workforce is certainly something our legislators should care about.


Source of the image above

I love this! I don’t remember who first brought it to my attention, but I have been laughing about it ever since. I need so many passwords that I finally broke down and bought 1Password (to keep track of them all)! I still have to remember quite a few at work, but at least on the Mac I can function quickly in the browsers (without having to constantly fish for passwords). Thanks to Juan Pons for the recommendation.