How Do They Do It?

Until very recently, this tree was very bare and drab. Then all of a sudden it popped! Spectacular! It actually delayed my breakfast for several minutes. That’s really saying something.


Screw Augur Falls


First of all, there are two waterfalls in Maine named Screw Augur Falls! This picture is the one in Grafton Notch State Park (between Newry and Upton, Maine). It is quite beautiful and the perfect complement to visiting my folks in New Hampshire (even though it did add a few hours to our journey). We decided to forego the boring ride down 95, etc. and headed west on Route 2 towards Bethel. We took a right on Route 26 (just before Sunday River). It was delightful, to say the least, and we even bumped into Glenn, another photographer from our own neck of the woods. As a bonus, we got to see the back end of a moose heading into the woods at speed (before we could even pick up a camera). We didn’t have enough time to really enjoy the whole park, so we’ll go back.

The other Screw Augur Falls is in the Grand Canyon of Maine. I haven’t spent much time there yet (and no pictures to speak of), but I suspect that a certain person will want to visit in the relatively near future, so we’ll see.



I will share the entire game with those who can appreciate it (offline), but let me just say that this check was very satisfying, the culmination of exacting a price for just one mistake earlier in the game.

Wrangel Island

On my way home from work today, I listened to an item on NPR about Wrangel Island. Imagine my surprise when I learned that there is a National Geographic story about it with photography by Sergey Gorshkov (the very same photographer that I discovered while taking a course at the Maine Media Workshops)!

Fox And Snow Goose photo by Gorshkov

The photograph above was taken from the National Geographic site. I used a screen capture tool so I could include the text below the image. For more photographs by Gorshkov, visit his own web site.

Mornings Are Still Chilly!


Just because we have temperatures in the sixties during the day doesn’t mean we don’t have to plan for a chilly start to the day. Dress in layers, eh? Lately it has remained warm well after 7 pm (which makes for a delightful day). I have even retired the fur hat for the time being. Saw several really nice goldfinches today and a very plump looking cardinal!

I found this cartoon by Glenn McCoy on GoComics (a great site to just browse different cartoonist styles); took me a while to post here, but I have been chuckling about this one since I found it (before it warmed up to today’s balmy temperatures). I enjoyed his work so much, I followed him to Town Hall [] which is a conservative site that showcases his work, among many others that I enjoy (yes, Virginia, even Liberals can enjoy cartoons by conservative cartoonists). Just to give a flavor, here is one by Mike Lester (from his web site).


While I’m at it, here is another great site to visit if you are interested in political cartoons: the AAEC [Association of American Editorial Cartoonists]. They have an interesting option of requesting permission to reprint their work by contacting the cartoonist directly. I really enjoyed Chuck Asay’s cartoon for today and I asked for permission to reprint it here. He was gracious enough to allow it.


Budding Chef in Our Midst!


Aren has been helping out in the kitchen for a while now. We have had a pretty steady diet of tacos and sloppy joes for a while, but the other night he surprised me by preparing this delicious dish for us. Really hit the spot after a hard day at the office.