Screw Augur Falls


First of all, there are two waterfalls in Maine named Screw Augur Falls! This picture is the one in Grafton Notch State Park (between Newry and Upton, Maine). It is quite beautiful and the perfect complement to visiting my folks in New Hampshire (even though it did add a few hours to our journey). We decided to forego the boring ride down 95, etc. and headed west on Route 2 towards Bethel. We took a right on Route 26 (just before Sunday River). It was delightful, to say the least, and we even bumped into Glenn, another photographer from our own neck of the woods. As a bonus, we got to see the back end of a moose heading into the woods at speed (before we could even pick up a camera). We didn’t have enough time to really enjoy the whole park, so we’ll go back.

The other Screw Augur Falls is in the Grand Canyon of Maine. I haven’t spent much time there yet (and no pictures to speak of), but I suspect that a certain person will want to visit in the relatively near future, so we’ll see.


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