Home Again, Home Again

Three Generations Latest Attempt

Getting closer to home with this one. Learned a few good tricks with Pixelmator for this version. Particularly like the Stamp tool and looking forward to more time to use it. I am doing this while juggling a cup of Angel’s Dream tea (and haven’t had time to attempt it with Photoshop Elements yet). Ran out of time again as usual. I guess jQuery will have to wait until next week. Looking forward to meeting the progenitor in the flesh soon.

Personal message to family: have a great 4th of July and I’ll see you soon!


Good Reason To Live in Maine


Recently we had an opportunity to dash up to Mt. Blue for a quick look around and wound up on the trail at Center Hill. It was definitely time for us to get back to walking and hiking to continue the fight against obesity. This is a shot of Mt. Blue from the trail. It was almost a perfect day for it (not too hot and very few bugs).

Here is another shot of the trail to give you a sense of it. It was very uneven with lots of tree roots coming out of the ground (just the thing for a good walk according to my wife). Much better than walking on pavement!


At the very end of the trail, the photographer noticed some “bunch berries” and couldn’t resist taking some pictures. Here is my own humble attempt to capture their delight with my iPad.


You Can’t Go Home Again!

Need to learn how to use Photoshop!

Three Veterans

With apologies to Thomas Wolfe, I think my attempt to doctor this photo illustrates the dangers of trying to recreate my past. As one generation gives way to the next, it is worth remembering our contributions to the service of our country. Times have changed and I can only admire the courage of the new generation that faces the challenges of today. I salute you!

Even I Am Amazed At How Many Memes Are Out There!


I don’t have unlimited time to surf the Internet, but even I am amazed at how many of these memes are out there! This image is from the Know Your Meme site. And I wouldn’t even have started looking if it weren’t for that NPR story. Now I have to get back to some productive activities, but I thought I would share my discovery. Incidentally, I am not a cat (yet).

Grumpy Cat Meme Phenomenon

On my way home from work the other day, there was a piece about grumpy cats on the radio that caught my attention. I think this is a variation on the Hitler Rage Meme; for that matter, it seems a lot like drawing a moustache on a photo (that some of us engaged in as teenagers). Funny, up to a point. But is it really worthy of making a movie about it?

It does have a long history. In my mind it is just another variation on word balloons (a.k.a. speech balloons). According to Wikipedia, this method of expression (commentary) has been with us for a very long time [as early as the 13th century].