Hippo Birdie 53


Celebrating your special day with a special memory of a happy moment together in South Portland this year.


A Little Taste of Global Warming


This was not a typical 4th of July celebration. It isn’t every day that you get homemade ice cream (and it went like hot cakes). There was still some left when I took this picture. The hot dogs and burgers were fabulous, too. Not to mention some terrific salads, watermelon and that rich lemon cake. Did I mention the lemonade, iced tea and cider?

As far as I know, nobody passed out from the heat. Several of us reached a point, however, when retreating to the air-conditioned car seemed the best part of valor. I was informed afterwards that guests continued to arrive after we left. A good time was had by all. And the thunderstorms were gracious enough to hold off until very late in the day. All things considered, it was a fabulous 4th of July celebration (even though it felt a lot like August).

One last picture: someone enjoyed the ice cream he helped create with his own honest labor!