Must have been a Tough Year

Had to do a little maintenance to WordPress this morning and notice that I hadn’t blogged for about a year. Oops! We have been busy with family, friends, financial planning, a little travel and plenty of good old hard work at the office. We decided to tackle the storage problem this year; she did most of the heavy lifting, of course, while I was bread winning. She took about forty years of stuff and squeezed it down to about half its original size! The old obsolete stuff has either been shredded, given away or tossed out. Not quite done yet, but hope to be by year’s end.

We had a visit from our friends Linda and Rick recently and wound up watching the new Christopher Nolan film. The sound track was just a bit too loud for my aging ears, but the story was pretty good. Time magazine gave it a long review which I found worth reading.


We had another (off year) election. Not a very good outcome for FDR Democrats this time. Fortunately we have Netflix, so we avoided about 95% of the political ads.

Paul LePage

Lots of folks retiring this year; saw two of my colleagues and a handful of customers walk away. I am still working (and working on my own retirement plan). Investigated a few possible segues to my aging career. Still learning new things (and relearning new things) at every opportunity.


Terrific animated film by talented Korean animators


My day job still holds my interest but not like it did in the good old days. Waiting patiently to see how things turn out. Meanwhile, the financial picture is coming into focus. It looks like we won’t be rich after all. Good thing I never yearned to own a yacht!

Shout out to the California, Ohio, New Hampshire and Massachusetts folks. Highly recommend The Nut Job!