Even I Am Amazed At How Many Memes Are Out There!


I don’t have unlimited time to surf the Internet, but even I am amazed at how many of these memes are out there! This image is from the Know Your Meme site. And I wouldn’t even have started looking if it weren’t for that NPR story. Now I have to get back to some productive activities, but I thought I would share my discovery. Incidentally, I am not a cat (yet).


Grumpy Cat Meme Phenomenon

On my way home from work the other day, there was a piece about grumpy cats on the radio that caught my attention. I think this is a variation on the Hitler Rage Meme; for that matter, it seems a lot like drawing a moustache on a photo (that some of us engaged in as teenagers). Funny, up to a point. But is it really worthy of making a movie about it?

It does have a long history. In my mind it is just another variation on word balloons (a.k.a. speech balloons). According to Wikipedia, this method of expression (commentary) has been with us for a very long time [as early as the 13th century].