Taking a Refresher Course


I have been brushing up on the basics lately. Decided to go back and start fresh (from the very beginning) by learningĀ all the skills that I use on a regular basis from scratch. It has been a great idea! Along the way I have filled in a few of the gaps in my education. Most of what I need to know can be learned just by Googling [so that is an every day event for me and probably countless thousands of other professional programmers]. Most of my day to day activities are focused on Java, though, so I get rusty on technologies that I only use once in a while (like HTML, CSS, JavaScript, jQuery, etc.). I am particularly enjoying the course assignments; they give me a manageable project to confirm my skills (or in the case of Bootstrap, add to my toolkit).

The nice thing about taking this course is that I do learn about tools and frameworks and libraries that I wouldn’t ordinarily encounter at work. This course is offered by Udemy. I have taken a few of their courses now and I am pleased with the value for the price. Still watch Lynda.com courses on a regular basis also (and they are the most valuable for my professional needs). Just recently found another course [from Harvard] that you may want to investigateĀ on bits!

Happy coding!



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I love this! I don’t remember who first brought it to my attention, but I have been laughing about it ever since. I need so many passwords that I finally broke down and bought 1Password (to keep track of them all)! I still have to remember quite a few at work, but at least on the Mac I can function quickly in the browsers (without having to constantly fish for passwords). Thanks to Juan Pons for the recommendation.