Waiting for the train to pass


Waiting for the train to pass on my way to breakfast one morning. Waited for quite a while with my stomach growling. It finally passed and I continued on to have a delightful breakfast of Belgian waffles, strawberries, real maple syrup and whipped cream. All while beavering away at my homework!


Fall is Here!


We celebrated another year together in Camden; dinner at Josephine’s and breakfast at Marriner’s on the Falls (every bit as good as their reputation): good blueberry pancakes. It was still Indian summer this day, but colder days lay not much farther ahead.

You’ll have to visit my web site for the movie!

Snow Birds Get Ready to Take Flight


After a rendezvous at Walden Pond (and brief goodbyes from the Shishovs), we all headed off caravan style to a local pizza parlor only to find that they only had room for half of us. Julie used her magic smartphone and found us a place that could accommodate eleven hungry relatives. I will spare you the pictures as we packed into a lovely suburban pizzeria [check out my Facebook page if you really care] near the spot where the shot was heard ’round the world. I managed to get a few portrait shots in with my iPhone. And a shot of my nearly perfect parallel parking job (on the first try, in traffic, in the rain).


To many of you this may seem unremarkable, but after living outside of civilization for a decade, I think I did quite well to remember how to park this way (plus I had a bit of practice with Aren over the summer).

A Little Taste of Global Warming


This was not a typical 4th of July celebration. It isn’t every day that you get homemade ice cream (and it went like hot cakes). There was still some left when I took this picture. The hot dogs and burgers were fabulous, too. Not to mention some terrific salads, watermelon and that rich lemon cake. Did I mention the lemonade, iced tea and cider?

As far as I know, nobody passed out from the heat. Several of us reached a point, however, when retreating to the air-conditioned car seemed the best part of valor. I was informed afterwards that guests continued to arrive after we left. A good time was had by all. And the thunderstorms were gracious enough to hold off until very late in the day. All things considered, it was a fabulous 4th of July celebration (even though it felt a lot like August).

One last picture: someone enjoyed the ice cream he helped create with his own honest labor!


Budding Chef in Our Midst!


Aren has been helping out in the kitchen for a while now. We have had a pretty steady diet of tacos and sloppy joes for a while, but the other night he surprised me by preparing this delicious dish for us. Really hit the spot after a hard day at the office.

Spring Is Back!

Just when you thought you would have to wear boots, hats and scarves forever, a funny thing happened . . .
Photograph by She Who Shall Remain Unnamed
We were pleasantly surprised by a few visitors this morning just before departing for a cup of tea and some Belgian waffles; one of the benefits of living at the edge of the wood. Very reassuring in the light of recent events; nice to be in an eddy of calm in our turbulent times. Looking forward to the imminent return of my prodigal parents and another one of those family gatherings (in Massachusetts of all places).