Go Tell It On the Mountain


Photo of the whole crew by Gale Davison

It took Cadillac Mountain to get us there, but the Jerry-Joe-Don reunion was accomplished on a nearly perfect day for it. It has literally been years since we all got together (and much water has passed under the bridge). Gale took this great picture and even managed to be in it!

It’s hard to beat the location (despite the hectic pace and even with rain for several days during the week, we all had a great time). We even had Maximum Meat with Jalapeno Corn Bread at the brewery just before heading back. We got a private guitar concert and I nearly got wiped out on the chessboard. Whew! And now summer is over.

I’ll leave you with one last parting shot taken just before the skies opened up on our last day on the island.


“Foggy Sunset at Seawall” by Don Smallidge (gently cropped)


Good Reason To Live in Maine


Recently we had an opportunity to dash up to Mt. Blue for a quick look around and wound up on the trail at Center Hill. It was definitely time for us to get back to walking and hiking to continue the fight against obesity. This is a shot of Mt. Blue from the trail. It was almost a perfect day for it (not too hot and very few bugs).

Here is another shot of the trail to give you a sense of it. It was very uneven with lots of tree roots coming out of the ground (just the thing for a good walk according to my wife). Much better than walking on pavement!


At the very end of the trail, the photographer noticed some “bunch berries” and couldn’t resist taking some pictures. Here is my own humble attempt to capture their delight with my iPad.


Serendipity on the Mountain


Elderly dog climbs mountain, then rests while I take pictures of hawks (at least that’s what I think they were); here is my best shot with my little point-and-shoot. Yes, Virginia, I know that wasn’t the best choice if I wanted to get an award winning shot.


I actually managed to get four birds with one shot; nice clouds. It was a beautiful day up there (and the first decent opportunity to climb the mountain since the ground dried up from all the rain we had, only a fond memory now).