Don’t Quit Your Day Job


I know what you’re thinking. But after several hours of trying this is the best I could do! Perhaps after I retire I can spend a bit more time fiddling with these tools. I needed to use Pixelmator, Acorn and Photoshop Elements to get this far, but clearly there is a lot more to it than I have been able to grasp so far. I think the graphic artist community can breathe a sigh of relief. There will be no challenge from this quarter in the near future. But I hope it tickles the intended audience all the same.


Even I Am Amazed At How Many Memes Are Out There!


I don’t have unlimited time to surf the Internet, but even I am amazed at how many of these memes are out there! This image is from the Know Your Meme site. And I wouldn’t even have started looking if it weren’t for that NPR story. Now I have to get back to some productive activities, but I thought I would share my discovery. Incidentally, I am not a cat (yet).

Grumpy Cat Meme Phenomenon

On my way home from work the other day, there was a piece about grumpy cats on the radio that caught my attention. I think this is a variation on the Hitler Rage Meme; for that matter, it seems a lot like drawing a moustache on a photo (that some of us engaged in as teenagers). Funny, up to a point. But is it really worthy of making a movie about it?

It does have a long history. In my mind it is just another variation on word balloons (a.k.a. speech balloons). According to Wikipedia, this method of expression (commentary) has been with us for a very long time [as early as the 13th century].


Mornings Are Still Chilly!


Just because we have temperatures in the sixties during the day doesn’t mean we don’t have to plan for a chilly start to the day. Dress in layers, eh? Lately it has remained warm well after 7 pm (which makes for a delightful day). I have even retired the fur hat for the time being. Saw several really nice goldfinches today and a very plump looking cardinal!

I found this cartoon by Glenn McCoy on GoComics (a great site to just browse different cartoonist styles); took me a while to post here, but I have been chuckling about this one since I found it (before it warmed up to today’s balmy temperatures). I enjoyed his work so much, I followed him to Town Hall [] which is a conservative site that showcases his work, among many others that I enjoy (yes, Virginia, even Liberals can enjoy cartoons by conservative cartoonists). Just to give a flavor, here is one by Mike Lester (from his web site).


While I’m at it, here is another great site to visit if you are interested in political cartoons: the AAEC [Association of American Editorial Cartoonists]. They have an interesting option of requesting permission to reprint their work by contacting the cartoonist directly. I really enjoyed Chuck Asay’s cartoon for today and I asked for permission to reprint it here. He was gracious enough to allow it.



Source of the image above

I love this! I don’t remember who first brought it to my attention, but I have been laughing about it ever since. I need so many passwords that I finally broke down and bought 1Password (to keep track of them all)! I still have to remember quite a few at work, but at least on the Mac I can function quickly in the browsers (without having to constantly fish for passwords). Thanks to Juan Pons for the recommendation.