Just Visiting?

Well, that was a refreshing 3-year hiatus! In addition to winding up my long and illustrious career, I got hooked on the 2016 presidential election [actually I got hooked on one of the candidates and his progressive agenda]. One thing led to another and now I am more politically aware and actually participating in the process (not as much as others, but more than before).

With my first year of retirement behind me, I am looking forward to getting more control over my schedule (and over my health). One unintended consequence of my revived interest in things political is that I have not been able to spend nearly as much time as I had planned doing computer programming activities. That has begun to change, but is still being negotiated.


As you can see from the graphic, I have not stopped following international news.

Have a nice day until my next post (hopefully sooner than 2020).